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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Artist Statements for Chinese Animal Painting

"I did the tiger and it means I am brave. I chose it becaues I am daring. I would probably hang it in my room because my room is a jungul." Desiree

"I chose the carp because it symbolizes perseverance and great intelligence. I chose it to express myself because I keep trying at things and I'm really good at math. I would hang it in my room because that's where a lot of books are because I get a lot of information from them."

"I chose the carp. I chose it because I am doing pretty good in school and I persevere at getting good grades in school. I would hang it over my bed so that every time I go to bed and wake up I can always remember my goals." Sean

"I chose the goose because it is orderly and responsible. I think I am orderly because I finish my work and hand it in on time. I enjoyed this project because you get to express yourself and show your feelings." Nicky

"My drawing is of a dragon. I chose this animal because it means good leadership. I think I am a good leader because I am kind, a good role model, and I have great determination. My personality has these things in my personality and I have more fun things too. I would hang this picture in my room because a lot of my friends come in there and always come out looking at one piece of artwork." Brooke