Wednesday, November 25, 2009

LE and UE: Skyscrapers

Sofia UE

Ella UE

Kyle UE

Stefy LE

Elizabeth LE

Nico LE

As a one class lesson before Thanksgiving break, students who were done with their scrolls drew a nighttime or daytime city scene with skyscrapers. They had the option of making up buildings, adding monsters and rocketships, etc, as long as the focus of the drawing were the buildings. I thought LE drawings came out just as well as UE's. I loved the window patterns because they added a cool design element.

LE: Chinese Animal Painting





Artist Statements for Chinese Animal Painting

"I did the tiger and it means I am brave. I chose it becaues I am daring. I would probably hang it in my room because my room is a jungul." Desiree

"I chose the carp because it symbolizes perseverance and great intelligence. I chose it to express myself because I keep trying at things and I'm really good at math. I would hang it in my room because that's where a lot of books are because I get a lot of information from them."

"I chose the carp. I chose it because I am doing pretty good in school and I persevere at getting good grades in school. I would hang it over my bed so that every time I go to bed and wake up I can always remember my goals." Sean

"I chose the goose because it is orderly and responsible. I think I am orderly because I finish my work and hand it in on time. I enjoyed this project because you get to express yourself and show your feelings." Nicky

"My drawing is of a dragon. I chose this animal because it means good leadership. I think I am a good leader because I am kind, a good role model, and I have great determination. My personality has these things in my personality and I have more fun things too. I would hang this picture in my room because a lot of my friends come in there and always come out looking at one piece of artwork." Brooke

Thursday, November 19, 2009

UE: Chinese Animal Painting











Students in upper elementary recently began their study on Ancient China and as a way to tie into their curriculum, I taught a lesson on animal painting, one of the oldest subjects in Chinese art. What's very interesting about this subject is that in Chinese culture, all animals are believed to have specific meanings and roles in the universe. For example, artists often depicted a Chinese ruler or emperor as a dragon, or a soldier ready to fight in battle as a tiger. Students learned what characteristics each one represented and chose an animal they identified with. I provided them with visual references and they sketched it out, painted in tempera, and chose an attractive paper for the background. They also created a seal with their name translated in Chinese. Lastly, I had them write an artist's statement explaining what animal they painted, why they chose it to express themselves, and based on its meaning where they would hang it. This was a fairly long project that I hope improved their drawing and painting skills as well as empower their confidence in themselves. I was very impressed by the attention students devoted to their paintings and their thoughtful written responses.