Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Last Class

Lori and the girls posing as Greek sculptures... or at least some are

looking cool

It breaks my heart that Violet and Amelia won't be returning next year

Mitch evaluating Charlotte's lovely portfolio

Last week, I had students display all of their artwork and evaluate each other. I gave each of them a little crit book where they were encouraged to write specific and positive comments about their peers' portfolios. I was pleasantly surprised at how seriously students took this assignment, it was the quietest class I've had so far! The very last day, Lori and I combined classes and we threw a party. You might have noticed your son or daughter coming home with various colored tongues and sticky fingers;)

Thank you parents for following this blog and taking interest in your children's artwork. It has been an adventure. They are the kind of students teachers dream of having and I'm always so proud to post up their pieces. I love each student and I'm excited to teach them again next year!