Friday, May 28, 2010

LE: Wire Sculptures





Zac R.

LE students learned about Alexander Calder's sculptures. We compared them to his contour drawings and discussed how contour drawings were similar to wire in line quality. After my demo, I had them choose a reference of an animal, draw the contour and trace their drawing with wire. Several students had difficulty with the wire so in the next class, I had them follow each of my steps in sculpting a bird and then finish their previous sculpture.

Meshon Maps part 2





I couldn't help but post these up too. I love how each student really personalized their map and added so many quirky details that keep you looking.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

MS: Shoe Designs




As their last project, MS students designed shoes inspired by places they like to go. We first discussed the purpose of shoes and what they tell us about the person wearing them, such as what they do and where they go. Students then sketched or traced a basic shoe outline and drew a design based on their favorite place. The entire surface had to be activated and saturated with color using colored pencils. I got this idea from Hope Chella, a fellow teacher and friend, and modified it for middle school.

Monday, May 10, 2010

UE: Meshon Maps




I got this idea from an illustrator named Aaron Meshon who designs amazing maps, along with children products and editorial illustrations. I love that his maps aren't only informative but really fun to look at. I had students analyze Meshon's maps and the design choices he made to make it quirky and welcoming, like his bright colors, imaginary creatures, and banners. I asked students how Meshon interacted all the space while not making it too busy and they said that he balanced it with a giant person to draw the eyes, which I totally agreed with. After our discussion, students designed a map with all of their favorite places taking design cues from Meshon.