Monday, May 10, 2010

UE: Meshon Maps




I got this idea from an illustrator named Aaron Meshon who designs amazing maps, along with children products and editorial illustrations. I love that his maps aren't only informative but really fun to look at. I had students analyze Meshon's maps and the design choices he made to make it quirky and welcoming, like his bright colors, imaginary creatures, and banners. I asked students how Meshon interacted all the space while not making it too busy and they said that he balanced it with a giant person to draw the eyes, which I totally agreed with. After our discussion, students designed a map with all of their favorite places taking design cues from Meshon.


  1. Aaron Meshon has done many maps ,some have been included in a book of unusual maps. They are great for kids .

  2. I am going to do these with my 5th graders! I will send you the link when they are COMPLETE! Excellent idea!

  3. Thank you Susan!! Can't wait to see them:D

  4. Hi Ruth - Well, I told you I was going to create these COOL maps and we did! You can check out some of them here on my blog:

    Thanks for the GREAT idea - my 5th graders loved making them! Thanks to Aaron Meshon for the inspiration too!
    ~ Susan