Thursday, September 23, 2010

LE: Kandinsky's Color Study




I used Wassily Kandinsky's Color Study of Squares as an exercise on mixing color. Rather than having them paint any random color, I had students think of the painting as a math chart but instead of adding numbers, they were adding color. The first two circles within a square were two numbers that they were going to add together to equal the third circle. The third circle would be the "sum" of numbers 1 and 2. That way, if they forget how to make the color turquoise, they can look for that color in their chart and see that they used green and yellow to make that color. The background color was their choice. I drew the grids in advance and demonstrated how to add just the right amount of water to their paint since some students were struggling with that.


  1. Hello!
    I am new to the art blog world. I thought I would let you know your Kandinsky post inspired me to work on this project with my daughter:

    Thanks!! Love your blog!

  2. We have used this same Kandinski print to do an art project with our Kindergartners (3 classrooms). We used 6" square pieces of black construction paper and had the students use pastel chalk to create the varied colored circles to cover the entire sheet. When they finished, we created a very long caterpillar outside our classrooms in the hallway and hung the print with it. Kindergarten art inspired by Kandinski! :) Turned out so cute! Wish I had taken a photo. :(

  3. Sounds adorable!! Thanks for sharing anonymous!

  4. I did the Kadinski in!