Friday, March 4, 2011

MS: Lichtenstein Portraits

Middle School students drew self-portraits in the style of American Pop artist Roy Lichtenstein. They learned that by isolating and enlarging a comic strip panel, Lichtenstein was both making a parody of comic books while also elevating mass-produced visual commodities to fine art. Before the lesson, I had students bring in props and take pictures for them to trace. For their skin and hair, they colored over a sheet of Ben-Day dots, a printing process seen in old comic books. Lastly, students adjusted their facial features to look more stylized and traced everything with black marker.


  1. These turned out great - so bold and graphic! I bet they loved doing this project. I was going to do Chuck Close style portraits but now you've got me torn. :)

  2. Thanks Mary! I had to decide between Lichtenstein or Chuck Close too! Both styles make great self-portrait projects.

  3. I love the portraits ;) Amazing colors and fun style ;)

  4. I know I am SUPER late commenting on this post, but I have questions!!! What are BEN DAY DOTS? WHERE Can I find/buy this template?!?

    please email me if you can!

    I've been teaching art for seven years and never taught a lesson like this!