Friday, March 18, 2011

Exhibit Q

Georgia O'Keeffe Flowers- MS Far left: Chess board by Cooper Cardone-UE (so sorry I didn't get a better picture!)
Bottom: Totem Poles-UE
Guitar by Cooper Cardone, UE
Musical performances by students from Lower El. to Upper El.
Warhol Soup Cans-LE
Last week, the music teacher (Kelly House), woodworking teacher (Margery Bradshaw) and I (the art teacher!) held a music and arts night at Quest. There was artwork on the walls, beautifully crafted wood pieces and fun performances by the students. I was so encouraged to see so many parents! I loved showing off the students' work and seeing the many other artistic abilities they had. Thank you teachers for helping us put this event together and the parents for supporting the arts at Quest.


  1. The art work is amazing. I love scrolling down your blog it all looks awesome. The Klee is so cool. It's so meaningful when the parents really respond to your program. Congrats! WEre the skateboards a wood working project? They are a great canvas too!

  2. Thank you!! Yup, the skateboards, guitar, and chessboard were all done with our woodworking teacher:)