Friday, April 1, 2011

MS: Chinese Bamboo Painting

Middle school students painted beautiful bamboos inspired by Chinese brush paintings. Although we didn't have sumi brushes, which have the flexibility to produce variations in line, students used three different sized brushes for the bamboo, stems and leaves, and learned how to hold them like you would hold a sumi brush. It was challenging and new so I had them practice on smaller paper first. Students were required to overlap and paint various shades to show foreground and background.


  1. I tried this once in a workshop and it was so relaxing! I love the sumi brush though and have always wanted to try this but don't have the brushes. They look awesome. I love how one of them looks like it's blowing in the wind. Great group project as well.

  2. Thanks!! It was so cute watching the students struggle with the brushes but they kept it up. I like the blowing leaves painting too:)