Saturday, January 9, 2010

LE: The Art of Sound Part II



Sometimes when I run out of ideas, I think back to my RISD education. My freshman foundation year was particularly memorable, mostly of long nights when I would sleep at 4am or not at all, drawing on paper larger than my dorm room wall and having conversations about God with my friends. One professor, who looked like Einstein and always had black fingernails from drawing with charcoal, turned on some music, had us close our eyes and let the music guide our fingers. I was initially uncomfortable because it required me to relinquish control of the drawing, but that was the point. What resulted from those sessions were raw and beautiful Jackson Pollock like charcoal drawings as well as a small feeling of liberation.

I turned on some classical music, had students close their eyes and draw what they heard. They were surprisingly very attentive to the activity and weren't as conscientious of how it would turn out as I thought they would. Parents, if you're reading this, I apologize if your child came home with dirty clothes! I completely forgot to email you and warn you in advance.

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