Saturday, January 9, 2010

LE: Paint What You Feel

"Sunrise" ~Nathan

"Calm" ~Nick

"Happy and calm" ~Alden

If you see my art work, you'll understand why I didn't feel like I was the best person to teach students about expressive colors and abstract shapes, but why deny that opportunity to my students? I love Mark Rothko's paintings because to me, they don't ask you to analyze the content, rather they invite you to rest your eyes and let the colors wrap around you like a blanket. I wanted my students to think about the emotional qualities of color and choose the appropriate ones that communicated what they felt at that moment.


  1. Where are you teaching? This is great :)

  2. Hey Ruth, I read on facebook that you thought no one read your blog and I was like, "she has a blog?" So, here I am, quite pleasantly surprised. It looks like you make an awesome art teacher! Keep it up!

    -Mike Lauritano