Friday, October 29, 2010

MS: Escher Eye Drawings




Max L.

If your eyes were the window to your soul, what would people see? This is what we discussed as we looked at Rene Magritte and M. C. Escher's work. We use our eyes to communicate how we feel, to look at someone or something we love, to fixate on a goal or a dream we hope to accomplish one day. Whatever it is we're looking at, it (literally) reflects a significant part of ourselves. Students asked themselves this question as they thought of what to draw in their eye. We first sketched out an eye as a class. While I was demonstrating on a larger sheet of paper I did my best to explain the reason behind each step. Shading was key in order to give the illusion of three-dimensionality. After students got a good sense of how to draw the basic shapes of an eye, they each got a mirror and added more detail and also adjusted their drawing according to their own eye.

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  1. I would totally do this with my freshman. Very cool!