Tuesday, November 16, 2010

UE: Starting The Letter Project

Students in the middle of a critique




As you may know from a couple of posts ago, I started a project with my UE students on letters. Kids are so imaginative and clever that I knew they would flourish with this assignment. I treated this project like a real illustration job where students had to sketch multiple designs, present their strongest sketches to the art director (in this case, the class and me) and receive feedback. In real life, the AD would choose their favorite, but I had the artist be the final judge. Students loved the critique, especially after I assured them that constructive criticism was positive and helpful feedback. After the critique, students started working on their final designs, which are on 8x8" watercolor paper. I can't wait until they're all finished so I can contribute each student's letter to the playground.


  1. What a great project. I bet they are having a blast.

  2. Thank you Mrs. Hahn and Heidi!! I love them too:)