Tuesday, November 16, 2010


one-eyed monster by Logan

one-eyed monster by David

make-your-own invention by Remy

For almost every project, there are always a few students who finish early. Since I can't start a new lesson, I usually have them do "free art", a time where they can draw/paint whatever they like. However, this is only enjoyable for students who are naturally imaginative and limiting for those who flourish within guidelines (like myself!). It also makes the rest of the class feel behind. As a way to keep finished students occupied, I had everyone make their own sketchbooks. Students selected different types of paper that I had cut down, designed their cover, and I bound them all together. It's funny because I required all the students to buy their own sketchbooks last year, but they weren't nearly as excited as they are about their handmade ones. That personal touch goes a lot way. Using a wonderful resource called The Drawing Lab, a book with quick and fun drawing ideas, I give the class specific activities to work on when they're done with their project, leaving no student struggling with artist's block.

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  1. I have the Drawing Lab as well(and LOVE it!). This is such a great idea for those kids who Always seem to finish first and crave looser lessons.